Those who wish to sing always find a song.
~ a Swedish proverb

Monday, January 4, 2010

101 things to do in 1001 days

Here it ultimate to do list.  101 things to do in 1001 day.  This is my Day Zero.
I don't really like the idea of New Years Resolutions but I do like lists.  More importantly, I like checking off items on a list.  I like the feeling of progress, moving forward, accomplishing little tasks that make a larger whole.  

This is my Day Zero and it couldn't have come at a better time.  My life seems to have been on hold the past few years.  A feeling of treading water has permeated my day to day.  It is time to start ticking items off a list.  My 101 things to do in 1001 days.

  1. Restore my meditation practice and make it a daily part of my life
  2. Bring pranayama more deeply into my yoga practice
  3. Reach out to H. on a monthly basis
  4. Bring my studio accounting up to date 
  5. Finish G. Christmas stocking that I have been working on for too many years to say
  6. Start A. Christmas stocking
  7. Do a detox cleanse
  8. Update my CPR
  9. Create a home cashflow budget
  10. Create a savings timeline
  11. Buy a home and stay there
  12. Decorate my home
  13. Have a dinner party
  14. Throw a dance party at the studio
  15. Bring A. and G. to Disneyworld
  16. Pay off my creditcards
  17. Go on a exotic trip with J.
  18. Go on a trip with my girlfriends
  19. Start publishing my digital photos into books
  20. Get rid of years of moving boxes
  21. Donate half of my closet and start again
  22. Wash our family douvets
  23. Start spinning
  24. Host a "girl's night in"
  25. Take A. and G. on a trip by myself (done...trip to Florida Feb. 2010)
  26. Try Tai Chi
  27. Get skates
  28. Save every month
  29. Stop drinking diet coke
  30. Drink more water
  31. Photograph daily
  32. Post a personal photo weekly
  33. Increase my Looking for Space blog page views
  34. Go for routine massages
  35. Visit a coffee shop weekly with my creative journal
  36. Turn off the computer before teaching nightly classes
  37. Read more, write more
  38. Golf this summer, next summer, the next...
  39. Wake before sunset and watch it rise
  40. Dance with my children
  41. Take a yoga class at a different studio
  42. Organize my digital images
  43. Complete A. and G. memory boxes (done...organized a filing system for special mementos!)
  44. Enter a photography contest
  45. Buy lottery tickets
  46. Lose 15 lbs.
  47. Walk my dog once a day
  48. Visit a new country
  49. Frequent date nights with J.
  50. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
  51. Write a letter to A. to open in 10 years
  52. Write a letter to G. to open in 10 years
  53. Write a letter to my Mom and Dad thanking them
  54. Go to a concert
  55. Go to a Dance production
  56. Cut out refined sugar
  57. Wear a bikini again
  58. Photograph my self portrait
  59. Write a poem
  60. Photograph portraits of J, A, and G
  61. Take G. to get a manicure
  62. Go snowshoeing with my sister
  63. Learn to snowboard
  64. Do Ride for a Cure with K. and J.
  65. Spend a day in silence
  66. Create daily retreats for myself
  67. Journal
  68. Work on forearm balancing
  69. Resolve my wrist issues
  70. Go vegetarian for a month
  71. Learn to cook tofu more appealingly
  72. Try making sushi
  73. Learn to cook fish more exotically
  74. Discover new ingredients for my daily pantry
  75. Blog more frequently, more intelligently, more creatively
  76. Watch a movie classic every month
  77. Read 5 classic novels
  78. Go to bed earlier
  79. Buy a pair of frivilous shoes
  80. Have sex outside
  81. Go to a drive in movie with the kids
  82. Go white water rafting
  83. Set up a hiking club with girlfriends
  84. Organize Wild Women excursions
  85. Go horseback riding
  86. Eat a fruit everyday for a month, then the next month
  87. Try a new bottle of wine every month
  88. Listen to every song I have in itunes
  89. Resize my Nana's rings
  90. Canoe trip in Algonquin
  91. Trip to Tait Lake
  92. Buy a piece of art
  93. Take a kick boxing class
  94. Hike the Bruce Trail and record "legs"
  95. Grow some summer food
  96. Write 10 inspirational notes and leave them somewhere in the public
  97. Try saying "yes" instinctively
  98. Create homemade Christmas gifts
  99. Reach out to close friends near and afar
  100. Tell those I love, "I LOVE YOU" often
  101. Ask the universe for what I want
This is Day Zero...and so it begins!

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