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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Julie & Julia

As a self-acclaimed "foodie" and fellow blogger, I couldn't pass up reading this book by Julie Powell.  I am happy to say that I read the book first (really hate seeing the movie before reading the book), and just this evening, watched the movie with my husband.  We took bets on how long he would last before he fell asleep.  I bet 10 minutes, he bet 4 minutes.  He won.

It seemed like a good night to watch the movie but after enjoying a bottle of red wine with dinner, even I fell asleep for a part of the movie.  (I think it was the part when Julie and her husband get in a fight and he storms out of the apartment.  By the time I woke up, they were happy and in love again.)

It was a good read.  Not a great read but I did find it enjoyable for the most part.  I have since gone back to look up parts of her original blog and I suspect that her blog would be more entertaining.  What the book did accomplish for me was a curiosity for French cooking.  It made me wonder if I could actually do the same and if I could actually cook and eat that rich food for one year and still be able to walk up a flight of stairs? 

I know what I was drawn to was watching Julie Powell change her circumstances.  I love watching or reading about individuals who set their lives off on a different course not by methodical and logical planning but rather by listening to a quiet little voice inside that is encouraging and simply saying the word "yes".  I love that she struggled, cried, swore her ass off, doubted, felt pride, enjoyment, peace and a sense of accomplishment and ultimately, it lead her to a place that she was meant to be in from the very beginning. 

I thumbed through a copy of The Art of Mastering French Cooking by Julia Child yesterday at the book store.  It looked retro and appealing.  I just wasn't sure that the recipes could make it into a regular part of our lives.  I will let you know if I do venture down the French culinary path.  I'll add photos and let you know how much butter we consume and if I too, pull out a few "f" bombs along the way.

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